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Mostazafan Foundation is an institution originated in the Islamic Revolution, a non-profit foundation being a legal entity of financial, administrative and employment independence, directed under high supervision of the Great Leader of Iran (Ayatollah Khamenei).

  1. Identify, consolidate, reinforce, maintain and administrate the capital and the assets in an optimum fashion.
  2. Render activities of production and services inside the country and abroad
  3. Administrate the affiliated companies and units optimally
  4. Perform supportive and benevolent public activities for people
  5. Preserve and operate historical objects, documents, and monuments, as well as museum articles
  6. Do research, and generate technical knowledge and applied technology

In accordance with the articles of association approved by the Great Leader (Ayatollah Khamenei), and in order to accomplish the benefits of the beneficiaries, Mostazafan Foundation executes these missions using capable and motivated managers and employees, keeping the society informed of the proceedings.

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