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   Vision  Mission

With trust in the Excelsior God, aiming to realize the general policies of the country, and to execute the articles of association, Mostazafan Foundation of Islamic Revolution in terms of its outlook is an institution with the to be   :
  1. Excellent in developing economic power
  2. Serving the aim of decrease the material and cultural deprivation of the oppressed and the poor
  3. Dynamic to utilize talents in order to grow the cultural and scientific abilities of the country.

By effective presence in economic arenas of Iran and the world, this foundation helps increase the national production, and expands a competitive atmosphere, assists the Islamic Republic of Iran government to achieve its goals and policies, and is seeking to expand knowledge, science and technology, customer satisfaction, to observe rights of the beneficiaries, and to dignify mankind.
Our aspiration and determination is to make this Foundation proud in a way that
“The name of Mostazafan Foundation of the Islamic Revolution be trustworthy and honorable.”

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