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Main Strategies      رسالت (مأموریت)

The main strategies of the foundation Group are as follows given the results of performance of first to third plan , and based on the cognition report and the analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, SWOT table of the Foundation group for provision and formulation of fourth mid-term plan within the framework of main goals
  1. Expanding and boosting presentation of services for helping empowerment of the oppressed for successful passage from turning points of life.
  2. Development of participation with domestic and foreign investors.
  3. Development of exports of goods and.
  4. Determination of low-yielding activities and Participating in activities with proper efficiency.
  5. Development of marketing management.
  6. Diversifying methods of provision of financial resources and investment.
  7. Development of technology of the management in the Group with business integration approach .
  8. Development of research and development (R&D)in line with the promotion of technology.
  9. Empowerment of human resources, development of health and organization culture.
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