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The scientific and cultural activities of the Foundation include a set of learning, research, and cultural services performed aiming to grow human resources, expand research and applied technologies, and maintain and operate historical objects, documents, and monuments and museums.

General cultural activities are as follow :

  • Preservation and maintenance of historical documents
  • Restoration

Documents and books, depending on the type and quality of the paper and ink used, and the percentage of damages, are restored and renovated using a variety of methods in order to stop them from physical decay using reconstruction and filling in the ruined sections.

  • Running Exhibitions

The aim is to familiarize with the topics of the contemporary history, and to make the most recent information available through holding seminars and exhibitions of photos and documents.

  • Indexing of photos, documents, books for the usage of the researchers, through completing data bases

The aim is to classify the major topics of the contemporary history of Iran, including unpublished books, papers, reports, documents, and photos, and to publish them through different data bases, giving them key words such as names of people and places, historical subjects, text titles, dates, specifications of the documents, etc.

  • Collecting Library Resources

The aim is to update and enrich library collections, to supplement documents, photos and material from the press.

  • Authoring books and research papers
  • Preparation and compilation of articles on the contemporary history

Being up-to-date and complementation of the study programs depends on the preparation and compilation of articles on the contemporary history each of which has a definitive role in completion of the historical information cycle of the cultural, political, social and economic issues of the past two decades.

  • Compilation of contemporary history articles in English

Compilation of articles in English will change the one-way course of information exchange, which is going from the English as the source language to the Persian as the target language, into a two-way exchange; also it will enrich the studies of the scholars in the Iranian studies in the west.

  • “Yādāvar” [Token] Monthly

“Yādāvar” Monthly is a cultural-historical monthly that aims to response the many historical questions and expressing the many untold stories of people in terms of the developments in the contemporary history. The responding approach to the basic questions of the researchers and people interested in the historical/cultural issues has turned this journal from a stagnant and passive product into an active one in the cultural arena.

  • Compilation of the “Iranian Contemporary History Quarterly”

The “Iranian Contemporary History Quarterly” is the only specialized quarterly of the contemporary history of Iran published after the Islamic Revolution. So far, 44 consecutive issues have been printed. The good reception of this quarterly by those interested in the subject shows its scientific and specialized approach in dealing with historical issues.

  • Compilation of “Ayyām” [the Days] monthly

“Ayyām” monthly is now getting a good reception by people after several months in the print. The reception of this monthly is so much that Jām-e Jam Daily has stopped printing some of its special issues, but still insists on issuing “Ayyām.”

  • Holding conferences and specialized gatherings

Holding specialized conferences and gatherings is an effective step in getting to know the researchers of the contemporary history and their latest works. Also it is a useful stage for expressing the views of the institution as well as informing the scholars and all of the people.

  • Gathering and compiling oral memories

The oral history has now turned into a useful source in compilation of the history. Keeping in mind the importance of this activity, as well as the hazards that threaten an interviewee of history (death, forgetfulness, emigration, etc.) it is necessary to pay special attention to the category of the contemporary history. The Institution of the Contemporary History Studies is among the forerunners of the contemporary history of Iran, and holds a special status among the institutions and researchers of the contemporary history.

  • Printing and publishing special editions and historical reports

Printing the historical researches and studies in the form of special editions and historical reports is the response to a specific question in history that has been occupying the mind of the addressee for a long time. For this reason, these issues are usually very well received.

  • Research and communication
  • Research and communication of the historical works using the subsidiary websites.
  • Promoting the cultural works and activities in the media.
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