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 The social activities of the Foundation consist of a set of services aimed at promoting the material, spiritual, and cultural life of the disadvantaged and the deprived of the society. The expansion of this matter will be in an indirect manner.

Alavi Foundation Institute

In addition to taking an active part in numerous economic activities and business ventures, one of the main areas of concern for Mostazafan Foundation, is combating poverty and deprivation. Indeed, according to Article 8 of the Mostazafan Foundation’s Articles of Association, the overall duties of this foundation are assisting the needy. Hence, a portion of this Foundation’s revenues are allocated toward this sacred objective. During the recent years, following the notification of the Supreme Leader and some structural amendments of the Foundation, the implementation of the of the above mentioned Article 8 and performing

social activities, has been transferred to the Alavi Foundation. The Alavi Foundation, which performs as a holding company belonging to the Mostazafan Foundation, is essentially directed toward reducing and combating hygienic, social and cultural deprivation as well as assisting the underprivileged. Some of the important plans and objective of this foundation is to reduce deprivation and poverty especially in the more deprived areas of the nation and to bring about conditions, where all people can benefit from relative welfare. Some of the most important plans of this institute are as follows :
  • Assisting the supporting social, and cultural organizations
  • Distribution of gifts throughout cities, villages and deprived areas
  • Organizing camps for pupils in deprived areas at cultural and sports centers, which are covered by this foundation
  • Implementing the Health (Salamat) Project, this aims to improve the nutritional conditions of pregnant women in deprived areas
  • Implementing the Pre-University Pupils’ Scientific Knowledge Improvement Project, which aims to assist pupils enter universities
  • Creating a supporting fund for the deprived students
  • Rendering medical services toward deprived people at hospitals and clinics which are covered by this foundation

Offering fundamental services

The subsidiary companies of this institute are as follows: Borzuyeh Medical Group, Eskan Iran, Kaveh Industrial Township, Zarfam Commercial Development as well as Arak Medical Group Companies.
Established in 1390/07/17 (2011/10/09), this company is active in core research, screen writing, investment and participation in the production of short movies, animations, television series, investment or participation in the construction and renovation of movie production and cultural complexes throughout Iran, organizing or participating in cinema or cultural festivals within Iran or abroad, publishing informative cinematic and cultural brochures as well as carrying out other related metallurgy. It is noteworthy that the Prophet Mohammad movie is among the productions of this company.

Offering fundamental services

Social Performance

In the recent years, the Alavi Foundation has offered numerous gratis aids to the deprived and needy people. The following table and chart demonstrate the performance of the Alavi Foundation in terms of offering the said aid:

Social Performance
Pupil’s Education Enhancement Project

In this project which focuses on the deprived regions in Iran, some Rls9,907 million has been allocated towards organizing supplementary classes and exams in order to assist the pupils in the deprived regions of Iran enter into higher education. This is carried out via signing an agreement with the Ministry of Education and by allocating Rls6,393 million toward purchasing books and scientific bulletins as well as educational software am0opunting to Rls 786 million. This project was initiated as of 1386 (2007/08).

Cultural & Social Affairs

Some of the main cultural and social affair’s related measures taken during the reported period include the construction of a movie prduction complex and the production of a film about the life of Prophet Mohammad, which was produced by the Nour Taban Company. The construction of the said cinematic complex together with the production of the mentioned movie began as of 1389 (2010/11) and some Rls609 billion was spent by 1390 (2011/12). Final project expenses are expected to reach Rls1,200 billion by 1392 (2013/14), when the movie is also expected to be viewed for the first time.

Health Project

Following an agreement between the Alavi Foundation, the Family Health Department of the Ministry of Hygiene, with the objective of improving the diet of 15,000 pregnant women in need, who fall within the criteria, receive 147,222 food baskets every two months which are comprised of: meat, oil, cheese, rice, honey, sugar, almond or pistachios, dates, soya, beans, lentil, tuna fish, pasta and pea cans. These donations are carried out at the presence of the Hygiene House representative and process verbal are drawn up.

Supporting Fund for Deprived Students

This fund was established in 1387/04/18 (2008/07/9) with the objective of increasing the share of the deprived students in contributing toward science and to obtain a better position on scientific, research, cultural as well as various national and international levels. This fund also aims to create a safe environment whereby social development, combating social diversion, prevention of escaping of talented individuals from the Country is made possible. During the reported period, the mentioned fund has taken initial steps toward drafting regulations for expanding the existing loan services, offering loans for research, compiling and invention. During the reported period, this fund granted student loans to some 2,409 students at 55 university units.

طرحها و برنامه هاي زير بر اساس دستور مقام معظم رهبري در راستاي حمايت از اقشار آسيب پذير و مناطق محروم در سال 87 انجام پذيرفته است:

  • احداث خوابگاه دانشگاه علوم و فنون خرمشهر
  • احداث مجموعه خانه اساتيد در دانشگاه علوم و فنون خرشمهر
  • احداث 12 واحد سوئیت خوابگاه اساتيد در دانشگاه رامین اهواز
  • تامين و توزيع 500000 دست پوشاك و كفش به صورت رايگان به ارزش 115400 ميليون ريال
  • توزيع 200000 دست پوشاك نيم‌بها در سطحي گسترده در بين اقشار نيازمند به ارزش 30000 ميليون ريال
  • توزيع ارزاق شامل نيازمندي‌هاي اساسي اقشار كم درآمد جامعه به ارزش 6000 ميليون ريال براي حدود 16000 خانوار
  • اجراي طرح حمايت تغذيه‌اي مادران باردار و شيرده نيازمند در سطح كشور با توزيع بيش از 4000 نفر سبد
  • تجهيز اردوگاه تفريحي دانش‌آموزي و اجراي بيش از 64895 نفر روز اردو از بين دانش‌آموزان سراسر كشور
  • كمك به صندوق وام دانشجويان مستعد محروم با پرداخت تسهيلات به تعداد 624 نفر از دانشجويان
  • اجراي برنامه پرداخت وام به مددجويان سراسر كشور با پرداخت بيش از 260 فقره تسهيلات به ارزش 3693 ميليون ريال
  • توزيع بن مايحتاج اساسي براي 6833 خانواده نيازمند به ارزش بالغ بر 2324 ميليون ريال
  • كمك به ارتقاء تحصيلي دانش اموزان مناطق محروم در قالب برنامه‌هاي آموزشي و تحت پوشش قرار دادن بيش از 63284 نفر با هزينه 11100 ميليون ريال
بنياد علوي از جمله موسسات بزرگ بنياد در جهت ارائه خدمات به محرومان و مستضعفان مي باشد اهم خدمات اين موسسه براي محرومان عبارت است از :
  1. ارائه خدمات حمايتي شامل وام ، اشتغال ، مسكن ، ازدواج آ درمان و كمك هزينه تحصيلي
  2. كمك به سازمان ها و نهاد هاي حمايتي ، اجتماعي و فرهنگي
  3. توزيع هداياي ويژه مقام معظم رهبري در سراسر شهر ها و روستاها ي مناطق محروم كشور
  4. ارائه خدمات پزشكي به افراد محروم در بيمارستان ها و درمانگاه هاي تحت پوشش
  5. برگزاري اردو براي دانش آموزان مناطق محروم در مراكز فرهنگي و ورزشي تحت پوشش
  6. تجهيز مساجد ، حسينيه ، تكايا و بقاع متبركه
  7. خدمات زير بنايي
 بنیاد علوی   بنیاد علوی
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